Dress up that oatmeal at the hotel continental breakfast! If you have a fridge in your room, you can keep a jar of salsa, a can of beans, and some arugula on hand to make the carb-only vegan options into a complete meal. Wheat-free oats can be found gluten-free as well. 2 servings. 2 minutes. How do you like that!1/4 cup of vegetarian refried beans or plain cooked black beans1/4 cup of fresh salsaa few torn arugula, baby kale or lettuce leaves2 cups of cooked oatmeal (use gluten-free oats if you like)salt, pepper and hot sauce to tastePut half of the ingredients in

What can you do with leftover pickle juice and sweet corn? Make a protein-packed salad! Celery adds the crunch, and the black-eyed peas add their artful little black rings to the dish. Prep time 10 min (if black-eyed peas and corn are already cooked and ready). Serves 4.2 cups cooked black-eyed peas1 cup cooked sweet corn cut off the cob½ cup celery chopped¾ cup pickle juice½ tsp sea saltCombine all ingredients in a bowl. Eat as a side dish with pasta, on toast, or just on it’s own. I cut leftover local sweet corn off the cob after dinner in the summer, freeze

Eating local roasted vegetables in the winter can get dull. That’s why pickles are so important! This recipe was inspired by the mother of Chaw, a long-time vendor and farmer at the Ithaca Farmer’s Market. Eat these pickles in nori rolls, on a banh mi sandwich, oh the possibilities are endless. Many servings. Takes 20 min. 2 cups of kohlrabi, daikon or other radishes, and/or carrot julienned 1 Tbp sea salt ¼ cup of turbinado sugar 1 cup brown rice vinegar (white vinegar is fine, too) 1 clove garlic minced 2 Tbp sesame oil (optional) Massage sea salt into the julienned vegetables and let

1 small carrot grated (or quick pickles) ½ cucumber grated 1 Tbp umeboshi vinegar 1 tsp brown rice syrup (or other sweetener) 1 tsp soy sauce 1 whole wheat baguette sliced in half lengthwise 4 slices of tofu kan 4 slices of homemade seitan a handful of lettuce a couple pinches of sprouts 3 Tbps vegan mayonnaise 3 Tbps finely chopped cilantro In a small bowl, add a pinch of salt to the carrot and cucumber and mix it in with your hands. Let it sit 5 min. Drain the water that rises out of the carrots and cucumber. Mix the vinegar, sweetener and

These light, satisfying and delicious cousins of deep fried spring rolls are colorful and fun. I keep rice paper wrappers in my kitchen all the time hoping for the chance to whip these gluten-free, oil-free delights right up. 8 rolls in 20 min 10 round rice paper wrappers (some may break) 8 fresh basil or mint leaves 1 medium carrot shredded ½ cup shredded red cabbage (optional. Great color) 8 slices of raw tofu, tofukan or homemade seitan 2 cups mixed greens, lettuce and/or sprouts 1 cup of brown rice vermicelli, cooked and cooled ½ cup hoisin sauce (use gluten-free soy sauce instead