India is paradise for vegetarians, because vegetarian food is widely available and even tends to be the default option. And people get it. There must be more pure veg restaurants in India than any other country in the world. Most Indian veg food is fragrant, flavorful and cheap on the street and in typical restaurants. If you are looking for vegan food in India however, you may lose to the sacred dairy cow more than you like. I started learning the magic of Indian vegetarian cuisine when I studied abroad at Lady Irwin College in New Delhi. We had a cooking lab where we

It doesn't get any simpler than this! Next time you have ripe cherries and fresh mint, take out a sturdy glass and muddle them. Top it off with some cool water and you have a delicious, healthy, natural, sugar-free drink.

Just like wedding dresses, there is a universe of gorgeous costumes that can get applause all on their own even without a dancer in them. But design is also about the way a costume moves with a dancer. The way it frames us. How it makes us feel. If you'd rather listen to this than read it, check out this podcast on belly dance skirts

Qele, Qele    (Come, Come) Armenian Folk Song Translation by Mane Mehrabyan with assistance from Alicia Free Easy-to-print Qele Qele lyric translation Keh-leh keh-leh         Come, come kehl-kid mer nem   That walk of yours, for which I would die                                       Meaning: I adore your walk   Koh goh vah kahn khel kid mer nem      That admirable mind of yours, for                                                             

This is a great way to finish the not-so-creamy-tahini leftover in the bottom of a jar of tahini. You can whip these ingredients together right in the tahini container. Tahini hack: Use an immersion blender to blend tahini together when it separates. 1/4 cup tahini juice from 1 lemon a dash of sea salt enough water to make it the consistency you want Whip ingredients together with a fork This goes great on an infinite number of dishes, like Cheatin' Millet Croquettes Italian Style Tahini is the Lighten My Body Food featured in the Greek Episode of my podcast A Little Lighter

These cheatin' croquettes do not need to be formed by hand and they freeze well for a quick meal on a busy day. Similar to tubed pre-made polenta, this millet can be sliced, pan fried and then topped with delicious veggies for an easy vegan gluten-free gourmet meal at home. This is a great way to get another meal out of millet when you have cooked too much. Serves 2-3  Prep and cook time: 25 minutes if millet is precooked and already thawed if frozen Note about pre-cooking millet: If you cook 2 cups of dry millet with 4 cups of water for about 20 minutes, it