Highlights from the Summer of Belly Dance Series 2019 #1. Sensual Chiftitelli and Maqsum Basics (posture, technique and some best practices)  https://youtu.be/zZBeGADC3OI #2. Classic belly dance moves for the loved song Lamma Bada: snake arms, classic arms, down mayas, up mayas, 3 step turn https://youtu.be/E4ScTQgmJBE More Lamma Bada ideas: https://youtu.be/FLpPSnTIRnQ https://youtu.be/iOWXcXZj1f0 #3. Sensual Chiftitelli review and Sassy Saidi  https://youtu.be/aM7aY75WmpM #4. Beledi: Dancing with Your Besties https://youtu.be/wdjE7-xcwcI #5. Short Choreo Duets https://youtu.be/-nAe4aocJm4 https://youtu.be/c-ELQmRYVs8 #6. Belly Dancing to Electronic Music: 5 Key Moves to Flow   Tips to help you get the most out of my belly dance classes: Wear whatever you want to dance in, as long as it is not noisy and getting dressed up does not make you

Doing Pilates in the morning nearly every day since 2003 has made me a stronger, happier person. It's that simple. The routine below can become as easy to complete as brushing your teeth. It's a morning ritual with massive benefits that only takes about 15 minutes. It feels so good to check exercising off of your list first thing. Pilates can be done on a yoga mat or folded hotel blanket or towel or sarong on the beach sand. I've done pilates right in bed when I travel and the floor is not that exciting to get close to. You can do Pilates on the

Part of what holds people back on the stage, the dance floor and the kitchen floor (where I like to dance) is the status quo. Let me rephrase that. It’s the power we are choosing to give to the status quo. This keeps us from moving and eating as the powerhouses that we are. We surrender our power to schemers. Manufacturers of manipulative messages and images that lead us to think we are not good enough without buying what they have to offer. Without following the masses. We move how we want around here. This status quo bull has been going on for some time. And

It is time for me to publicly say something that will piss a lot of people off: It is foolish for Western travelers to wear tank tops and short shorts in places where locals do not. There is a simple equation for this: If a majority of the people around you are locals and you are dressed less conservatively than they are, you are screwing up. You end up looking like you don’t care about local culture, you risk disrespecting local people just by how you are dressed, and you make Westerners in general look bad. And I think you get ripped off