These are the ultimate healthy travel food. Brown rice has protein and fills you up, the nori has minerals and umeboshi alkalizes sugars and calms you. The pickled plums also preserve the rice balls, which can stay good for days unrefrigerated. You won’t need to worry about finding something wholesome and satisfying when you are traveling if you pack a few of these. I got this recipe from the coauthor of The Great Life Cookbook Lewis Freedman while we were waiting to fly out of gate B12. Ha! Makes 4 pucks 2 cups cooked short grain brown rice (can be leftover rice that has

If there’s anything that my gypsy soul loves, it is wearing big skirts and spinning beneath the moon at the Pennsic Medieval Festival. I am so happy sleeping on the ground after hours of dancing. I smell campfire smoke in my hair and I dream as drum beats filter through my tent walls. Pennsic is not just a two-week festival with 10,000 DnD nerds armed with medieval weapons bludgeoning each other on the battlefield. It is also drum circles of people belly dancing around fires until the break of dawn. There are artisans and artists everywhere. Live music pours out of camps. There are