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Dance can heal. But so many of us are thirsty and hungry for something we’re not getting… something whole.

I became a junk food vegetarian just before I started belly dancing with June Seaney at Cornell University in 2000. It felt so good to move like a dancer in an ancient painting. I loved the women I danced with, several of which were recovering from ballet-related eating disorders. I was thinking more about food and movement and states of mind.

Soon I was flying around the world as a student and a Peace Corps Volunteer. When I traveled I learned about vegetarian cooking and danced. I taught belly dancing in private to Indian village women in the foot hills of the Himalayas, to school teachers in rural Thailand, and to teens in Morocco. And I studied with amazing teachers including Tribal Fusion founder Jill Parker, the every-graceful Colleena Shakti, Rajasthani Gypsy dancers Raki and Sunita Sapera, and Flamenco Fusion dancer Anjelica Scannura.

Preparing food became a spiritual practice as well as pure playful fun, just like dance. I authored a section of The Great Life Cookbook, worked with bestselling author of The China Study Dr. T. Colin Campbell, and became a partner in the online weight-loss program Sustainable Diet.

I created A Little Lighter and Belly Dance Body & Soul as a way to fuse art and food. A way to make it fun and sensual to take care of ourselves. My dream is that this project touches your life and leaves you feeling lighter, graceful and grateful with every bite and every step.

We are here to help you feel a Little Lighter