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The Belly Dance Podcast A Little Lighter has helped thousands of people dance more and feel beautiful.

Belly Dance Podcast Host and Producer

I am your Belly Dance Podcast host Alicia Free. I started belly dancing in 2000 and fell in love with Middle Eastern music and dance.

Belly Dance Teacher

I have taught belly dancing all over the world. In private to Indian village women in the foot hills of the Himalayas, to school teachers in rural Thailand, and to teens in Morocco.

Taught by Amazing Fusion Belly Dance Teachers

I have studied with amazing teachers including Tribal Fusion founder Jill Parker, the every-graceful Colleena Shakti, Rajasthani Kalbelia Dance teachers Raki and Sunita Sapera, and Flamenco Fusion dancer Anjelica Scannura.

Singer, Drummer and Belly Dancer

After years of traveling around the world, I started playing the riq, daf and doumbek in a Middle Eastern band in 2011. I now sing songs in Classical Arabic, Bedouin Arabic, Persian, Armenian, Turkish and Ladino as well as playing percussion and dancing.

Plant-Based Cookbook Section Author & Weight-loss Program Contributor

I also dance in my kitchen. Food and dance are intertwined with health and vitality, and I have been creating whole food vegan recipes since 2014. I authored a section of The Great Life Cookbook (gluten-free and vegan), worked with bestselling author of The China Study Dr. T. Colin Campbell, and helped create the online weight-loss program Sustainable Diet.

Alicia’s Dream for You

I want you to feel good. I want you to dance and play and eat freely. My hope is that A Little Lighter will help you transform the heavy parts of your life and let the light shine in even more.

We are here to help you feel a Little Lighter