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Get Damn Sexy Dance Moves, Danceable Songs, Costume Tips and More from this Healthy Belly Dance Podcast.

Fire, Cancer and the Dance Community: Johanna Zenobia Interview Part 2 – ALLAF 027

Johanna relives the breast cancer diagnosis that birthed her first dance studio and expanded her commitment to community. She shares her secret to layering a shimmy and undulation, and also urges us to meditate by focusing on 1 thing at a time. 

Yogi Belly Dancer Johanna Zenobia on Music, Magic and Moving Past Perfection – ALLAF 026

Johanna of Hip Expressions helps us stop and take a breath, tells us her secrets to building great dance music playlists, and she shares some very fun and surprising danceable songs that you will love.

Classic Belly Dance Song Spotlight: Uskadar, Ya Ayn Mawlaitan & Rampi – ALLAF 025

These loved Turkish, Rom and Arabic songs are a must-know for belly dancers, especially if you want to be ready to dance to a live band!  Learn about the maqamat, rhythms, translations and ways to dance to Katibim, Al Ain Molayaitin, and Rompi Rompi.

Welcoming Unicorns: A Male Belly Dancer’s Tips for Inclusiveness – ALLAF 024

Why is it so hard to say “dancers” instead of “ladies”? Male dancers have to train even harder not to be a spectacle, and lady dancers can help too. Listen to Hakan tell us how. 

A Short and Sweet History of Belly Dance from 1900-1960s: From Folk to Fame – ALLAF 023

From Badia Masabni’s night clubs to belly dance movie stars like Samia Gamal, and from Suhalia up through the Women’s Rights Movement. The 2nd show on the History of Belly Dance.

Maria Hamer on Spinning, Silk and Sisters – ALLAF 022

Folkloric Fusion Belly Dancer Maria Hamer of the Hamer Sisters talks about collaborating with Tribal Fusion stars Jill Parker, Zoe Jakes, and Mardi Love as well as how she spins and incorporates silk into her belly dance costumes. 

Dancing Around Fire – ALLAF 021

Improvising to live drums around a fire at a festival like Pennsic can turn a studio-trained belly dancer into a belly dancer who knows what’s up.

Drum Solo Tips & More from Dazzling Lady Drummer Casey Bond – ALLAF 020

As a drummer in some of the best belly dance bands in New York, Casey teaches us about the soul of belly dance rhythms in the belly dance classic song Laylet Hob, what drummers like to see in dancers, and how to fully enjoy dancing and life.

Where Did Belly Dancing Come From? Belly Dance History up to the 1900s – ALLAF 019

Travel back in time to belly dance like Ghawazee and Awalim dancers from Egypt, Ouled Nail dancers from Algeria, and Rom dancers who developed the art of belly dance centuries before us.

World Fusion Dancer Dalia Carella of NYC Tells us Like it is – ALLAF 018

Discover Dalia’s secrets on doing belly dance fusion well, find out why she dances Flamenco Arabe on beautiful angles, and know what to do next time your inner voice says, “I’m not sexy enough”. 

The Big “Doom” Davul (Drum) Show – ALLAF 017

Learn how to do an earth shaking shimmy to the powerful 2-headed bass drum the davul (aka tabl beledi), improv with your belly dance friends like a Turk in a circle dance, and get a super dance bra strap tip from Farha.

Interview with Belly Dance Quickies Queen Mahin – ALLAF 016

Find out why chatting in the dressing room is a good habit to quit, get yourself a gold or silver bra and belt, and discover what’s so confusing about Foq Elna Khel.

Easy Belly Dance Hairdos and Elisheva Awesomeness – ALLAF 015

Free your hair with featured dancer Elisheva, add a fun new drum solo to your repertoire, and get 11 easy belly dance hairdo ideas you can try.

Sexy Eye, Evil Eye – ALLAF 014

Find out why Arabic speakers call their lover “my eye”, fend off the evil eye, get the low-down on the classic belly dance song Habibi ya Einy, and get tips on how to wear false eyelashes.

Myth and History of Henna: Ancient Cosmological Cosmetic for Dancers – ALLAF 013

Dancers have been using henna on hair and skin for thousands of years. Learn how to henna your hair like an ancient Egyptian and see why this natural beauty treatment is still used today.

Film Yourself Dancing – ALLAF 012

Learn how to make a dance video with super simple gear and get tips on editing and sharing your dance video. Try the damn sexy dance move “Shoulder Peek Mayas” and do a little dancing next time you are waiting on the phone.

Balkan Music & Golden Fest NYC – ALLAF 011

Belly dance to rocking music from the Balkans, try the Čoček Hip Tip, and dance while you hold hands with people you love. 

Dancing with Gypsies in India, the Disputed Birthplace of Belly Dance – ALLAF 010

Find out how to learn Kalbelia dance from gypsies in Rajasthan. Get your travel dance costume together, and dance in a beautiful place at sunrise. 

Lamma Bada & Drum Feature: The Riq Raqs – ALLAF 009

Meet the ancient grandmother of the tambourine, really get the meaning of the gorgeous old song Lamma Bada, and think twice before wearing that coin belt when you belly dance.

The Sounds of Celebration – ALLAF 008

Know what to say when a fellow belly dancer is killin’ it on stage, do the money shower clap to the famous song Caje Sukarije, and rock a belly chain like Jill Parker.

The Belly Dance Skirt Handbook – ALLAF 007

Find out which belly dance skirt to wear and which one to skip, incorporate skirt moves into your floor work, and learn this secret of storing your big 10 and 25 yard skirts. Try counting a 9/8 rhythm 4 different ways and enjoy 3 different versions of the Turkish song Rampi Rampi.

The Greek Episode: Channel the Muse – ALLAF 006

Do the Greek belly dance move “Boubouka’s Backside” from an old movie to the classic Greek belly dance song “Scandalous Tsiftetelli”. Drizzle on some tahini, strike a postcard pose and open to the muse.

Khaleeji Hair Dance Moves from Iraq and More – ALLAF 005

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 20:32 — 18.8MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | TuneIn | Spotify | RSS | MoreWelcome to the hair episode! Learn how to move your hair when you belly dance to a trance-inducing beat, try the “Khaliji Sideways Hair Sway”, and turn your next shower into a stress-relieving ritual. DANCEABLE RITUAL: Cleansing Your Hair and Mind   Washing our hair is a chance to cleanse our minds and enjoy massaging and detangling our thoughts, even if it’s just a quick shower.   A paraphrased Buddhist proverb inspired this danceable ritual. It […]

The Gold Episode: Turn Irritation to Gold with Your Feel Good Move – ALLAF 004

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 21:16 — 19.5MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | TuneIn | Spotify | RSS | MoreFind out why dubstep songs like “Crave You” are great to dance to. Get tips on how to mix metals in your dance costumes. Try the belly dance move “Dripping in Gold”, and discover  delicious (golden) white miso sauce by dripping it on your dinner tonight. It’s the gold episode! DANCEABLE RITUAL: The Golden Touch Think of dance move that makes you feel really good. It might even make you giggle. You might remember […]

The Beautiful Pause – ALLAF 003

Breathe and enjoy the next time you are stuck at a red light, belly dance like you were hired for a wedding to oriental brass band Kocani Orkestar, try the “Hair Throw Surprise”, know what your earrings will do, and try sprinkling sesame seeds on your next meal.

The Water Show – ALLAF 002

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 22:59 — 21.0MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | TuneIn | Spotify | RSS | MoreEnjoy sipping water with mint, dance in the rain, line dance to Ya Ayn Mawlayiten, and cut out unfulfilling calories and expenses by carrying a small water bottle in your bag. The theme of this show is water. The water in our veins, the water we seek, the water we drink while dancing around fire, the water that falls on us from above… Danceable ritual: Sipping water   What is your go-to drink right […]

Belly Dance to Uskadara with this Fun Veil Move – ALLAF 001

This is the very first episode of A Little Lighter. I’m so excited to get to know you, and I hope you keep dancing with me on this podcast adventure as I become better and better at hosting. I always say don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good, so let’s begin!

My Gypsy Granny’s Super Powers

This is a transcript of a podcast recorded in the previous format of this show. Therefore, the audio file is not here. Enjoy reading!  I suppose that the word Gypsy means something a little different to everybody. I’m sure I’ll get comments about this podcast about how I should be saying Rom or Roma or Romani instead of gypsy. Let me be clear. I am one of many people choosing to reclaim the word gypsy. The expansiveness, mystery, creativity, beauty. My Granny does not refer to her grandfather as Rom. He spoke Romanichal, but she calls him gypsy. Her Aunt Genevieve, gypsy. Her […]

“The China Study” Author Dr. T. Colin Campbell Talks About His Dream of Becoming a Dancer

Alicia: Welcome back to Healthy Gypsy Soul. I am your host, Alicia Free, 100 pounds of hugs and hell yeah. My guest today is Dr. T. Colin Campbell. This is part two of a three part interview series with Dr. Campbell

A Disorganized Kitchen & Emotional Eating: Hacks from Macrobiotic Counselor Warren Kramer

This is the fabulous conclusion of a three part interview with Warren Kramer, an internationally recognized macrobiotic counselor, who was a scribe for famous macrobiotic leader Michio Kushi for 10 years.

How to Stop Snacking: Macrobiotic Counselor Warren Kramer Interview Part 2

We’re going to continue with part two of this interview with Warren Kramer, an internationally recognized macrobiotic counselor, educator and cooking instructor, who was also the scribe for the famous macrobiotic leader, Michio Kushi for 10 years.