The Magic of the Dancer Witch Danielle Hutton – 063

Daniell Hutton Belly Dance Podcast

New York City dancer Danielle Hutton speaks on magical intentions, powerful productions, and why washing your hair on Venus’s Day is a damn good idea.

New York-based fusion belly dance performer Danielle Hutton’s dance has been described as a concentrated slow burn of sincerity and elegant emotionality. Danielle is a choreographer, creator, consultant, and educator who conducts transformative workshops. For over 17 years, Danielle has been a fixture within the New York City belly dance community.

She was a principal dancer in Solstice Dance Ensemble. She performed at Tribal Fest, The Massive Spectacular, Rakkasah East, and Spring Caravan. Danielle has also had the honor of performing with Zilla Dance Ensemble, Bellyqueen, and Solstice Tribe.

Danielle is the director and producer of A Choreographer’s Vision, a theatrical belly dance salon that promotes the exploration of human connection through dance. Danielle recently shifted her focus to her own work, offering 1 on 1 Creative Development sessions as well as solo performances, classes and workshops. Connect with Danielle on

Danielle, it was actually the promotion of your recent online Love Letters show that made me pause and sigh deeply and write to you and invite you to be here with all of us. And then the show was also amazing! And I have been enjoying your oh-so authentic dance style for a while, so it is truly a pleasure to have you on this podcast. Welcome! 

“The exploration of human connection through dance.” What an amazing endeavor.

Alicia: Love seems to be a theme in your dance. I read that you also dance tango and fall in love with strangers on ecstatic dance floors. Can you tell us more about all that? 

Love Letters 2

Alicia: Let’s talk about Love Letters 2. The description really struck me. “Sixteen performers took on the courageous task of writing their own love letters, creating an ode to the self, to family, to lovers, and even to nature, with the intention of becoming a visual manifestation of intimate conversations. As there always is with a CV show, we have a twist! These amazing performers will tell a story that is not their own; instead, this story is based on an anonymous love letter from a fellow dancer!”

Alicia: Such an interesting way to inspire a performance! And the video of Amy Sigil rolling in the dirt and climbing step by step up a to a tall water tower in a dress. That was intense. I don’t know how well I’d handle that love letter. The performer who was beautifully but also painfully suspended from the ceiling, even her braid tied and taut. Holy crap. I was thrilled to watch several of the past guests on this podcast perform in Love Letters 2, including Brenna Crowley, Tessa Myers, Jo Boring, and Kamrah.

Producing Powerful Shows

Alicia: What inspired you to produce your Love Letters shows?

I think being able to create moments of relate-ability adds more to the experience…those are the moments that are especially powerful.

it’s not just amazing dancers who did amazing editing, did amazing concept work and amazing filming, but then we get to see the human aspects of them.

Danceable Ritual

Take a Mundane Moment in Everyday Life and add Dance to it

Shimmy while you brush your teeth. Do snake arms while you choose your clothes. Put on music while you put on your makeup.

I’m embodying Danielle the dancer.

The dancer in me is a different entity than the human, even though they both live within me.

I also encourage my students to take one song and noodle, explore and play. Just one song.

And between lifts at the gym, I do wrist circles. It’s from Mira Betz and Neuroplasticity. It helps me lift because my body likes it. And so when my body’s in a state where it likes it, when it’s time for me to get under the barbell and move some heavyweight, I can do that a lot easier.

Danceable Song: Bad Guy by soft-singing Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish and the song Bad Guy


What are the Shapes that Inspire You? Circles, Spirals and Curves

Alicia: I loved the title of a course you taught recently at the BellyQueen school. Shout out to Kaeshi back in episode 42!

The course was called “Elegant shapes”. And the description was“Explore the length of your line and the depth of your curve. Create the story through the shape of your body.” What are some of the shapes in life that inspire your dancing? 

Make the most of what your body is capable of doing. Find the line and length in your body. Be present and powerful in your shape. We can use our bodies to be a full expression of ourselves. Turn the ways we intuitively express joy, sorrow and anger into movement.

How to Make Smooth Transitions Between Elegant Shapes

Be aware of your center. This gives you the freedom to choose the path of your directional focus.

When you do tango, you want to be connected to your center and engaging from your pelvic floor. Use the strength of your pelvic floor to move.

Delicious Vegan Whole Food: Asparagus

Even with Crohn’s Disease, I love asparagus.

Costume Tip: Create a Cohesive Picture

I want my audience to see that I thought about everything.

The movement, music, costume, makeup and lighting should flow and make sense.

Give yourself the space to sit and visualize yourself dancing in the space where you will perform. What makeup are you wearing? What is the lighting? Even try doing a brain dump of ideas. I write it out by hand.

Feel Good Look Good Habit: Wash your Hair on Friday (Venus Day)

And listen to a juicy playlist that relaxes you. Artists like FKA Twigs and Sabrina Claudio.

Enjoy beautiful moments cultivating beauty in your hair.

Choose a mantra and recite it.

Incorporate magic into your everyday life.

Write a sigil and focus on it. Put energy into your intention.

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