This is a transcript of a podcast recorded in the previous format of this show. Therefore, the audio file is not here. Enjoy reading!  I suppose that the word Gypsy means something a little different to everybody. I’m sure I’ll get comments about this podcast about how I should be saying Rom or Roma or Romani instead of gypsy. Let me be clear. I am one of many people choosing to reclaim the word gypsy. The expansiveness, mystery, creativity, beauty. My Granny does not refer to her grandfather as Rom. He spoke Romanichal, but she calls him gypsy. Her Aunt Genevieve, gypsy. Her fortune-telling aunt

The Kalbelia Queen Looks Bored Her child shuffles on the roof He slides around on the seat of his pants She says he doesn’t walk unless someone is helping him She is pregnant. She stomps the marble floor like she is slapping a man’s face with her foot Her hands are flowers She reaches in and out. Inviting and denying entry to her gypsy world She tickles the sky and sweeps the ground with her face I want to go to the tents. I want to see where music is born. A Trip to the Tents on the Edge of Pushkar It looks as if they are just passing through. Even after 20 years have passed. Their