India is paradise for vegetarians, because vegetarian food is widely available and even tends to be the default option. And people get it. There must be more pure veg restaurants in India than any other country in the world. Most Indian veg food is fragrant, flavorful and cheap on the street and in typical restaurants. If you are looking for vegan food in India however, you may lose to the sacred dairy cow more than you like. I started learning the magic of Indian vegetarian cuisine when I studied abroad at Lady Irwin College in New Delhi. We had a cooking lab where we

The divine feminine in us always recovers. We cannot be stopped Tongue hanging Eyes wild with anger Suddenly returning to the wisdom of and old soul with beeswax on her lips. Breath sweetened by anise. Coal accentuating the unique shape of her eyes. Vermillion in her hair. Gold and silver circling her skin. A woman who damn well knows what she is talking about. How do we get what we want? We must be clever at all times.I came to this part of India To see the Bishnoi Temple. I tell the driver I will not leave until I do. He tells me it is time to return To the clustered markets of Jodhpur. I disagree. Now is the time to go to the

The Kalbelia Queen Looks Bored Her child shuffles on the roof He slides around on the seat of his pants She says he doesn’t walk unless someone is helping him She is pregnant. She stomps the marble floor like she is slapping a man’s face with her foot Her hands are flowers She reaches in and out. Inviting and denying entry to her gypsy world She tickles the sky and sweeps the ground with her face I want to go to the tents. I want to see where music is born. A Trip to the Tents on the Edge of Pushkar It looks as if they are just passing through. Even after 20 years have passed. Their

It is time for me to publicly say something that will piss a lot of people off: It is foolish for Western travelers to wear tank tops and short shorts in places where locals do not. There is a simple equation for this: If a majority of the people around you are locals and you are dressed less conservatively than they are, you are screwing up. You end up looking like you don’t care about local culture, you risk disrespecting local people just by how you are dressed, and you make Westerners in general look bad. And I think you get ripped off