Hibiscus makes this delicious cocktail blood red with natural color. Quality tequila and just a touch of maple syrup makes this punch puke-free. Your guests will smile as they sip it on the Halloween Party dance floor in a swirl of costumes.   The day before: Get 30 Red Zinger tea bags (Celestial Seasonings has hibiscus, rosehips, lemongrass, peppermint, etc. It’s delicious with alcohol) Brew tea and let it cool (instructions below) Make 2 ice hands (instructions below) Find your ladle, punch bowl that can hold at least 1 gallon, and cups you want to use for serving Make sure you have tequila, cinnamon and

I love flying. Really. I get so excited to get on an airplane and enjoy all the time I have to myself. Other people talk about flying like it’s not fun. Are you kidding? It’s a goddamn miracle to fly across the ocean! We’re wined and dined and entertained, and no one asks anything from us if we’re flying without kids. And then we emerge from a glorious bird-like machine into a place that would have taken years of bumpy roads and rocky ships to see without launching into the sky for half a day. Like the best backpacker beaches in Thailand, winding

Belly dancing to live music for an audience is the ultimate belly dance experience. It is nothing like dancing to recorded music, and when you can dance confidently and respectfully with a live band your understanding of belly dance will rise to another level.It is surprising how many dancers study American Tribal Style, Tribal Fusion, classical Egyptian belly dance, folkloric and American Cabaret Style and then sit down when it is time to improvise to live music. Dancing to live musicians is my favorite part of belly dancing! Years ago I started learning percussion in order to deepen my understanding of the music and

I discovered May Kaidee Vegetarian Restaurant in Bangkok near the end of my Peace Corps service in 2005. The owner glided across the dining room, dressed in golden Thai flames and perfectly wrapped fabric. She was dancing, she was singing, and I was in love.https://youtu.be/0BNowUrDKngIt is clear in her vegan Thai cooking classes and cookbooks: May Kaidee is a chef who feeds your soul.On my last day in Bangkok, I finished producing the first book I ever co-authored, “Guide to Being Vegetarian in Thailand”. I victoriously wrangled 5 copies from the Peace Corps office printer. This was before smart phones and wifi. I

These are the ultimate healthy travel food. Brown rice has protein and fills you up, the nori has minerals and umeboshi alkalizes sugars and calms you. The pickled plums also preserve the rice balls, which can stay good for days unrefrigerated. You won’t need to worry about finding something wholesome and satisfying when you are traveling if you pack a few of these. I got this recipe from the coauthor of The Great Life Cookbook Lewis Freedman while we were waiting to fly out of gate B12. Ha!https://youtu.be/SI63BIH51HMMakes 4 pucks2 cups cooked short grain brown rice (can be leftover rice that has not

If there’s anything that my gypsy soul loves, it is wearing big skirts and spinning beneath the moon at the Pennsic Medieval Festival. I am so happy sleeping on the ground after hours of dancing. I smell campfire smoke in my hair and I dream as drum beats filter through my tent walls. Pennsic is not just a two-week festival with 10,000 DnD nerds armed with medieval weapons bludgeoning each other on the battlefield. It is also drum circles of people belly dancing around fires until the break of dawn. There are artisans and artists everywhere. Live music pours out of camps. There are

Part of what holds people back on the stage, the dance floor and the kitchen floor (where I like to dance) is the status quo. Let me rephrase that. It’s the power we are choosing to give to the status quo. This keeps us from moving and eating as the powerhouses that we are. We surrender our power to schemers. Manufacturers of manipulative messages and images that lead us to think we are not good enough without buying what they have to offer. Without following the masses. We move how we want around here. This status quo bull has been going on for

The divine feminine in us always recovers. We cannot be stopped Tongue hanging Eyes wild with anger Suddenly returning to the wisdom of and old soul with beeswax on her lips. Breath sweetened by anise. Coal accentuating the unique shape of her eyes. Vermillion in her hair. Gold and silver circling her skin. A woman who damn well knows what she is talking about. How do we get what we want? We must be clever at all times.I came to this part of India To see the Bishnoi Temple. I tell the driver I will not leave until I do. He tells me it is time to return To the clustered markets of Jodhpur. I disagree. Now is the time to go to the