The Ultimate Vegan Halloween Party Guide


You will love these healthy and scary vegan food recipes for Halloween parties. Tofu eyeballs, disgusting labels, worm salad, salty gonads…

When the veil between the living and the dead is lifted each year in October, we celebrate with an epic Vegan Halloween Party. My Halloween parties are famous. I am a damn good vegan cook, I belly dance and drum, I know how to sew costumes, and – lucky me – Halloween is my birthday.

This is everything you need to know to create a terrifyingly healthy Halloween party. This will also help you figure out the best vegan food to bring to a Halloween potluck.


(Please share and link to this if you like it! I came up with all of these ideas unless otherwise noted below) 


Label Halloween Food and Light up the Table

Make your labels the day before the party. Have these label-making supplies ready in case people bring food to share:

  • precut 1”x3” light colored cardstock pieces
  • toothpicks
  • packing tape
  • marker that is easy-to-read in low light
  • scissors and extra cardstock
  • enough lights for the feast table so that people can see the food and read the labels at the party








These magical signs prompt our imagination to transform delicious vegan food into faux carnivore fare. And this is healthy Halloween food made of locally grown produce, completely natural colors, whole grains, and much of it is gluten-free.

Fake plastic bugs including cockroaches, spiders, snakes and flies also add to the disgusting spread, but aren’t required. I reuse these every year. Just make sure you don’t put small plastic bugs in places they might accidentally get eaten.

Claw-like tongs, skulls, severed body parts and candles add to the spooky spread as well. The most authentically disgusting thing I have on the table is a stainless steel kidney pan discarded by the health clinic where I used to work. Gross.


Consider some of these spooky whole food, plant-based recipe ideas for your Vegan Halloween Party menu:

*Quick and easy food is at the top of each list and the dishes that require more prep time are near the bottom of each section.

Vegan Halloween Finger Food & The Disgusting Labels to Accompany it

? Sliced whole wheat pita – dehydrated skin grafts

? Olive-stuffed tofu balls – eye balls (got this idea from the internet somewhere years ago)

? Olives – yeti poop

? Steamed or raw cauliflower with a knife and a drizzle of umeboshi paste and water – bloody brain

? Steamed or raw broccoli – poisonous trees

? Boiled sea salt potatoes – lost manhood, salty gonads, giant spider eggs

? Popcorn with nutritional yeast – yeast infection (that’s the grossest one a party guest has ever come up with)

? Salsa and puffed corn cakes– chunks of flesh with dry warty skin

?White bean dip – pureed puss

? Carrot and zucchini spears – it’s orange and green, but I still don’t have a good name for this!

? Baked sweet potatoes – gnarly roasted fingers

? Roasted beets with roots– roasted rats

? Marinated baked tempeh – warty witch flesh sticks

? Mushroom walnut pate tartlets with beet juice splattered on them – mini  human meat pies


Scary Salads and Sickening Toppings

? Mixed green salad – graveyard greens

? Toasted sunflower seeds – rat fangs

? Toasted sesame seeds – fruit fly larvae

? Homemade sauerkraut – fermented witch pubes


? Seaweed rice noodle salad – tapeworm salad

? Home grown alfalfa sprouts – witch pubes

? Israeli cous cous salad with carrots and capers – spider egg salad

Slimy Halloween Soups

? Local tomato soup – blood soup

? Butternut squash soup – bile soup

? Split pea soup with carrot chunks – split pea puke (idea from authors of The Great Life Cookbook)

? Black bean soup – deer poop soup

Mummified Main Dishes for Halloween (Vegan and Gluten-Free)














? Short grain brown rice – steamed maggots, boiled maggots

? Roasted fingerling potatoes – roasted fingers and penises

? Roasted delicatta squash crescents – man-eating lion gums

? Roasted brussel sprouts – polyps, zombie kids’ Barbie heads (party guest made this)

? Baked pumpkin – baked puking pumpkin head

? Roasted butternut squash – roasted flesh

? Mashed potato mounds with caper eyes – ghosts (can’t remember where I got this idea)

? Quinoa balls with cut olives in tomato sauce – diseased eyeballs in blood sauce (party guest made these)

? Three bean chili topped with tofu sour cream – flesh pellet stew with pureed bone marrow

Deadly Desserts for Halloween

? Coconut bites with jam and chocolate – sweet bloody eyeballs (idea from the internet years ago)

? Different flavors of vegan chocolate bars – exlax

? Fruit salad – freshly cubed flesh

? Papaya spears – mad cow tongues

? Pumpkin cupcakes with matcha frosting: Happy Halloween Barfday cupcakes

? Another cupcake label:  “One of these cupcakes was poisoned”

? Another cupcake label: “Grandma is IN these cupcakes”

It can be fun to search your local farmers market for tentacle-like root vegetables like celeriac, parsnips, potatoes, daikon and other radishes. Add some very hot peppers and you have a strange decorative platter you can cook up after the party.



Disgusting Halloween Drinks


? Red zinger tea cocktail (RECIPE) with maple syrup, lemon and tequila with a hand-shaped ice cube (freeze water in a plastic glove – idea from internet) – blood punch with a severed hand

? Mint tea with a dash of agave (guests can add tequila) – ditch water

? Hibiscus tea with lime and agave (guests can add tequila)– asp poison (perfect for Cleopatra)

? Beer brewed for the party theme (the summer before your party ask your brewer friends if they’re up for making a keg of homebrew for the party)

? Homemade kombucha – bile juice

? Natural fruit juice and soda water for non-drinkers

Fruit, sugar and alcohol are a bad combination for anyone having more than 1-2 drinks. My low-calorie cocktails are also low sugar and the only fruit they contain is a squeeze of lemon or lime.

I think that high quality tequila is the perfect drug. Mid-range tequila is great for party cocktails. Low quality tequila (Cuervo, anything in plastic, etc) deserves a bad reputation. It makes people crazy and I refuse to serve cheap tequila at my parties.

2 mid range tequilas that go nice in mixed drinks and have skeletons on the bottles are Espelon Blanco and Cazadores Blanco

My favorite top shelf tequilas for sipping are Hussongs Reposado, Fortaleza, and Casamigos Blanco or Reposado.


Tips for a low-stress Halloween party

Tell people it is a vegan party and ask them to bring drinks instead of food

Complete your costume and try it on 1 week before the party

Always plan to have more than enough food and drinks

Minimize party trash by only having reusable or compostable cutlery, cups, plates and bowls

  • Decorate days before the party and invite friends to help. Don’t decorate the day of the party. It’s too much.
  • Do as much food prep days before the party as you can
  • Three or more days before the party cook beans, make jugs of tea, marinate tempeh and tofu, make the bean dips
  • Label and freeze some of the beans you cooked for later
  • Put some of the food you cooked in the fridge just for you for after the party
  • The day before the party make the soup or stew
  • The day of the party do all of the roasting, salads, and crudités prep
  • Heat up the soup and cook rice 2 hours before the party
  • Have an empty sink and dish rack when the party starts so people are more likely to do their own dishes
  • Make signs and label compost bins, recycling bins and trash bins well so clean up is easier


The Best Halloween Party Themes for Belly Dancers

From a Painting

Star Wars with a Middle Eastern Twist


Pirates, Mermaids and Sea Creatures

The Sultans of Swing




The Best Halloween Costumes for Belly Dancers

Slave Leia


Leper queen / Cleopatra combo

14th Century Turkish Gypsy

I Dream of Genie

Mermaid or siren

Funny Halloween Costumes for Vegans

Ms. Loveit from Sweeney Todd

Vegan cannibal (we only eat vegans)

For both of these costumes you can serve (vegan) meat pies on a platter. So good.




Have any vegan Halloween food ideas to share? Please post them below and keep the creative juices flowing.

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