Nature has already made these fruits perfect, so all we have to do is add water and blend them up!  There's no need to add anything else to this healthy smoothie. Papayas are usually pretty big, so you can peel, seed and cube one and freeze the leftovers for later. The same goes for pineapple.

Having a satisfying breakfast is one of the keys to losing weight and fighting off the urge to eat unhealthy food for snacks and lunch. It can be tough to make just the right amount of oatmeal. And recipes for leftover oatmeal often involve eggs, baking, and more time than I'm willing to put into saving cooked oatmeal from the compost. Here's a super quick and easy solution: Make leftover oatmeal into pancakes! *Get gluten-free oats if you eat gluten-free :) Makes 2 pancakes 1 cup of cooked leftover oatmeal (or however much you have left) A dash of vanilla A sprinkle of cinnamon Optional toppings: real

This recipe was inspired by Janet Harn's Cooking Class in Seoul. Highly recommended! Janet did her whole cooking class vegan for us. [caption id="attachment_1220" align="alignright" width="225"] Janet cooking sweet potato noodles[/caption] Check out these 9 Vegan Korean Cooking Tips from Seoul Chef Janet For 1 delicious vegan pancake: 1 Tbsp ground flax seeds and 3 Tbsp water (as egg replacer for 1 egg) 5 Tbsp water 3 Tbsp flour (any combination of whole wheat flour and unbleached all purpose flour that you like) 2 Tbsp corn starch (I need to try arrowroot too

A quick and delicious whole grain breakfast of leftover black sticky rice with fruit, yogurt and seeds. Mix these ingredients together in any ratio you like:Black sticky rice (either hot, warm or room temperature)BananaHemp milk fortified with B12 and Vitamin DSesame seeds (just a sprinkle)Ground flax seeds (just a sprinkle)Unsweetened vegan yogurt (Kite Hill is a great brand) How to cook black sticky rice: Use a rice cooker on the brown rice function. Rinse twice. Measure the water by resting your fingertip on the surface of the rice in the rice cooker and adding water up to the first line on your finger (about an inch.

This is a great way to use leftover cooked brown rice. My husband grew up macrobiotic, and miso soup is one of his favorite healthy breakfasts. This is the best soup for colds, too. Miso has healing properties if it is not boiled. 15 min. Serves 2 tags: gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, whole food plant-based, macrobiotic, oil-free Ingredients 1-2 cups cooked brown rice (short grain is my favorite) 3 cups of water ½ onion coarsely chopped 1 tsp ginger coarsely chopped 1 Tbsp dried seaweed that is good in soup (alaria, kelp, shredded nori, etc) 3 dried shitake mushrooms 1 coarsely chopped carrot ½ tsp

Satisfying golden polenta will make you forget eggs for breakfast was ever a thing. Tempeh adds nuttiness and just enough protein along with vibrant blanched greens. Probiotic ruby red sauerkraut tops it off and makes your gut bacteria sing. Prep and cooking time: 25 min. Serves 3-4 people. Ingredients 1 cup yellow corn grits (or pre-made polenta) 1/2 tsp sea salt 1/8 cup brown rice syrup or maple syrup optional secret ingredient from The Great Life Cookbook: 1/2 Tbsp white miso 8 dino kale leaves 3 tbps vegetable broth or 1 tbsp vegetable oil 8 oz of tempeh A splash of umeboshi plum vinegar or other

Cereal and milk are very different beasts. Ditch the dairy and replace it with coconut water and applesauce in for a fast vegan breakfast of delicious granola. Hint: orange juice or room temperature water do the trick as well.1/2 cup granola or other cereal1/4 cup coconut water1/2 cup applesaucetop with roasted nuts and seeds (optional)It may seem silly to have a recipe for this, but it is also silly to keep consuming milk! Right? Think creatively. There are healthy delicious options all around.

I love tofu scramble for breakfast or brunch. But sometimes I feel like it's way too much tofu and not enough whole grains. That's why I add brown rice and make this dish truly kick-ass. 1 tsp sesame oil and vegetable oil (any combination) OR 1 tbsp vegetable broth 1 block firm tofu (12-14 oz) crumbled 1/4 onion chopped 1 clove garlic crushed 1/4 tsp of turmeric 1 1/2 cups leftover cooked brown rice 1 medium carrot chopped 1/2 cup mushrooms chopped 1 cup broccoli chopped 1 tbsp soy sauce 1 tsp rice vinegar 1 green onion chopped (optional for garnish) sliced cucumber

This nice warming breakfast is ready in a flash and won't make you feel dry and thirsty like crunchy cereal or toast. Just leave last night's leftover brown rice out of the refridgerator, warm it up or serve it at room temperature in the morning, and dress it up with good fats like tahini, nuts, and seeds. So satisfying. Ingredients for 1 serving: 1 cup Reheated brown rice (left out overnight)Optional: 1/4 cup Non-dairy yogurt2 tbsp Apple butter or 1/4 cup of cooked peachesdrizzle of Tahini Optional: Chopped Roasted AlmondsOptional: Gluten-free granolaMake it pretty!