Years ago… I learned how to scream. I was in a circle of trees, staring into the scorching summer sun. Someone was beating a drum. My teacher kept shouting. I didn’t even know I was resisting until he asked, “How can you get the benefits of this if you don’t really scream?” I realized I had never screamed before. I was limiting myself for no fucking reason. It made me angry. I screamed uncontrollably. I screamed from my gut, doubling over until all of my fear rode tears down my cheeks and disappeared in the dust. For a moment there was no worrying about

Picture a rainbow of bibimbap vegetables on a bed of steamed rice. Steamed sweet potato noodles that hold form and flavor so nicely mingle on your plate with succulent mushrooms and sesame seeds. And there’s red pepper speckled throughout the magical fermented goodness of kimchi on the side. Crisp, vibrantly colored lettuce leaves open to whatever filling you want to pop into your mouth. Korean food is beautiful. [caption id="attachment_9555" align="alignleft" width="300"] Bibimbap ingredients[/caption] Tip: Keep like colored ingredients separate on a plate. Ex: Put carrots in between green zucchini and cucumbers [caption id="attachment_9557" align="alignleft" width="225"] Delicious “perilla” leaf in mint family we used for lettuce

This is a great way to use leftover cooked brown rice. My husband grew up macrobiotic, and miso soup is one of his favorite healthy breakfasts. This is the best soup for colds, too. Miso has healing properties if it is not boiled. 15 min. Serves 2 tags: gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, whole food plant-based, macrobiotic, oil-free Ingredients 1-2 cups cooked brown rice (short grain is my favorite) 3 cups of water ½ onion coarsely chopped 1 tsp ginger coarsely chopped 1 Tbsp dried seaweed that is good in soup (alaria, kelp, shredded nori, etc) 3 dried shitake mushrooms 1 coarsely chopped carrot ½ tsp