You are going to love this fusion of Chi Gong and belly dance. I feature Danceable Rituals like this in each episode of my belly dance podcast A Little Lighter. Have a listen if you haven’t already! Take a sip of water and feel your breath going in and out of your nose. In and out like waves in the sea.  You can download this sound file so you can do this Chi Gong Belly Dance Routine any time without access to youtube: [audio mp3=""][/audio] Chi gong and belly dance postures are very similar. Remain aware of your breath as you slip into great posture. Feet parallel,

The freshness Vietnamese food is astounding. For some cuisines a salad is simply lettuce. In Vietnam salad is a mix of fresh sprouts, vibrant herbs, leaves of many shapes with purple stems and varied aromas all crunching gently in your mouth beside crushed peanuts and soft rice noodles. It’s a version of heaven. And these mixed greens are served with many dishes, along with a slice of lime. So fresh. When I travel, I give myself the gift of vegan cooking classes. Then I internalize the tastes and smells of another land and bring it home to my kitchen to enjoy and share again