The Top 3 Golden Era Belly Dance Movies for All Belly Dancers to Know

Golden Era Belly Dance enthusiast and our fabulous featured dancer in podcast #64 Badriyah of Belgium loves to bring us back to a time when bedlah and Raqs Sharqi dancers frequented movie screens. To an era of rapid growth for belly dance. A time when some of the most famous Raqs Sharqi performers were also film stars, and Fifi Abdou had just started her dance career.

In my interview with Badriyah, Badriyah revealed much of her findings from the research she has done on Egyptian belly dance films from the 1930s, 40s, 50s and 60s. After years of studying Golden Era Belly Dance Movies, Badriyah has a short list of favorite films. This makes it much easier for dancers who do not read or write Arabic to find these classic belly dance films. And all 3 of these belly dance film stars were once dancers in Badia Masbni’s nightclubs.

Read the full article in Fanoos Magazine to find out the Top 3 Golden Era Belly Dance Movies for Belly Dancers to Know!

Here are the highlights:

The 3 Best Golden Era Belly Dance Movies for Belly Dancers

#1. Afreta Hanem, Little Miss Devil 1949 فيلم عفريته هانم

Where Samia Gamal does a djinn oriental fantasy dance  

#2. Ahebbak Ya Hassan, I love you Hassan 1958 أحبك يا حسن

In this film, Naima Akef sits in a restaurant and brings us into her daydream as she runs on stage and spins out of her 1950s street clothes and into her harem pants and bra costume.

In another scene, Naima dances herself out of bed 

#3. Ahib Al Ghalat, I like Mistakes, 1942 فيلم أحب الغلط –

This film features Taheya Karioka of Badia Masabni’s Casino Opera doing 1940s Egyptian belly dance moves as well as rhumba and Pharaonic Dance. 

If you want to see Taheya do a beautiful folkloric style line dance too, you can check out The Victorious (1952) ! الفيلم العربي – المنتصر – ت.

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