Father’s Day just passed, and I feel like it is my responsibility to get real honest with you real quick here. I still feel like I could have saved my father’s life, but it didn’t work. And that one of the reasons why I am so motivated to share my love for good food with you. That is why I have paired dance with plants. Because I think it’s powerful, and it saves lives. My dad was diagnosed with cancer when he was 53. Fifty-three. Death sentence. We blamed a chemical that he used to spray on the apple trees when he was a teenager.

Highlights from the Summer of Belly Dance Series 2019 #1. Sensual Chiftitelli and Maqsum Basics (posture, technique and some best practices)  https://youtu.be/zZBeGADC3OI #2. Classic belly dance moves for the loved song Lamma Bada: snake arms, classic arms, down mayas, up mayas, 3 step turn https://youtu.be/E4ScTQgmJBE More Lamma Bada ideas: https://youtu.be/FLpPSnTIRnQ https://youtu.be/iOWXcXZj1f0 #3. Sensual Chiftitelli review and Sassy Saidi  https://youtu.be/aM7aY75WmpM #4. Beledi: Dancing with Your Besties https://youtu.be/wdjE7-xcwcI #5. Short Choreo Duets https://youtu.be/-nAe4aocJm4 https://youtu.be/c-ELQmRYVs8 #6. Belly Dancing to Electronic Music: 5 Key Moves to Flow   Tips to help you get the most out of my belly dance classes: Wear whatever you want to dance in, as long as it is not noisy and getting dressed up does not make you