10 Ways Belly Dance Can Make You Happier and Beautiful

Belly dancing is not about burning calories, counting steps, or zoning out while you do it because you find it so boring. Like Zumba, belly dancing is exercise for people who don’t like to exercise. It’s amazing!  Zumba is awesome, but belly dance is even better. Once you start, you will understand why millions of women have belly danced through the ages. In this article, you will find out the benefits of Belly Dance for you and 10 Ways Belly Dance can make you feel Happier and Beautiful.

1. You will be even more inspired to lose weight and feel good in your body

And you will know how to do it. Eat plants, dance and shake off the addictive processed food and movements you have been pretending to like all along. You have something more pure to share with the world.

2. You will always be discovering amazing music.

Listening to the popular music of one country is so 1990s. When you start belly dancing, you will hear music from Egypt, Lebabon, Iran, Iraq, the Balkans, Armenia, Bugaria, Turkey, Greece, gypsies, Moorish Spain, the electronic DJs of New York, and so much more. You will enjoy music with rhythms and melodies you have never heard before, and you will learn how to move to it. And you will hear how Arabic music has influenced hip hop in songs like Milkshake, I’m Worth it, and countless others.

Go to Spotify and subscribe to the channel Belly Dance Body and Soul. I keep adding the best belly dance music to that channel. Subscribing will make it easy for you to press a button and shake it at any time.

3. You will stand up straighter and feel more beautiful

Your mood is affected by your posture. If your body is hunched, closed, limp or tired, your mind follows. Open up your chest. Do some Chi Gong with me. Oxygen will feed your brain and you will glow with energy and confidence. All from just changing the way you are standing or sitting right now. Belly dance posture trains you to have a power stance as your default. Chest up, shoulders back, pelvis tucked, knees soft, and face up. You are gorgeous and you know it.

4. You will no longer dread going to classes at the gym

How many times have you beat yourself up over not going to the gym when you planned to? Maybe you didn’t feel like commuting, or you didn’t want to walk past all the noisy equipment or pay to get in. Forget that stuff. Learn how to belly dance with me online and eliminate those barriers to working out. Subscribe to Belly Dance Body and Soul on youtube. Commit to dancing with me five days a week for 15 minutes a day and see how it changes your life. I dance in beautiful places all over the world. We warm up and sweat and cool down in just 15 minutes. The music is great, the scenery is amazing, and you will love the way I invite you to move.

Backstage selfie Belly Dance Benefits

5. You can buy beautiful sparkly costumes, jewelry and fake eyelashes and actually have a reason to wear them.

That’s right. When you become a belly dancer you earn a license to dress however the hell you want. You can be sexy or colorful or steam punk or dessert princess. Your every day clothes can become your costume when your every day movements become a dance.

6. You will become more open minded about beauty, culture and history.

As you learn about different kinds of music and movements, you will see how you have been limiting your own concept of beauty. You will watch videos of Romani women dancing fully covered and round women shimmying beautifully bathed in light. You will see men undulating gracefully and women gesturing that they are cutting out their kidney and handing it to you. Endearment in another language. All of this awaits you.

7. You will have more fun at weddings.

You know the part of many weddings when all the guests sit down and look awkwardly around the banquet hall for some entertainment? If I hear a good rhythm, I am happy to lead the way for the party to start. I don’t sit shyly in my seat waiting for the last song to get up and dance. That is not how I play the game of life, and I practice taking action on the dance floor. Belly dancing has given me the confidence to do that.

8. You will give others the confidence to express themselves when you are imperfect, fearless and having fun.

This is one of the best parts. After you train yourself to get up and dance in spite of fear, you will help others do the same. Just as we make others fearful when we hesitate and give up, dancing pulls the energy of our loved ones up. You can make big moves when you are in a high energy state. Turn up the music. Bring on the drums.

9. You will feel the gratitude for dancing to musicians, and others will see how it illuminates you.

There is a sacredness missing from most of our modern lives. When the sacredness is alive, we are grateful and abundance comes to us. We spend less time thinking about what we want to deflect and more time on what we want to attract.

Bring yourself into this circle of dancers and musicians. Let the music fill you. Let your mundane concerns be dwarfed by the universal heartbeat of the drums. Then you can make good decisions more clearly. Like mediation. Like putting forth a clear intention.

10. You get to hang out with other belly dancers who will have a positive impact on your health, confidence and perspective.

I have danced with too many beautiful women who still think they are too fat because of the ballet anorexia phenomenon. Belly dance is a celebration of body shapes. The belly dance community tends to be fun and open-minded rather than judgemental and serious. Join us!

Let me be your dance teacher. Let me bring you closer to the people you want to look like, move like, and feel like. This will change the way you work, play, love and dance between moments.

If you don’t start dancing now, what will you do to quiet the voice saying “This makes me look fat”, “I’m too old to wear that”, “I’m too tired to get up and dance.”? That voice is bullshit. Replace it with a soundtrack that inspires you. It’s time to dance.

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