The Top 4 Places to Meditate. They are Closer Than You Think…

You might think the Top 7 Best Places to Meditate are austere Zen Centers or yoga retreats far away from your daily life. Don’t get me wrong, it is much easier to meditate in some places than others. However, you have amazing places to practice meditation all around you right now, and they are everywhere you go. If you don’t believe me, read 5 Reasons Why You Have a Hard Time Meditating and then read the article below. I think you’ll see that you may be your own worst enemy when it comes to meditating.

Without further ado, here are The Top 4 Best Places to Meditate

#1 Where ever you can commit to meditating almost every day

In your bedroom right after you wake up, in a quiet closet you can sit in, on your early bus ride, on the soft mat outside your shower. Meditation is most fruitful when you can do it consistently.

All night fire ceremony in Allahabad India

#2 Somewhere with other people who meditate

Are there people you spend time with every day who want to a meditation challenge with you? Even if they just sit quietly while you meditate, an accountability partner can increase your chances of success. Are there groups near you that meet consistently and sit quietly together? At Cornell University in my hometown and on other college campuses they have lunchtime meditation. Yoga studios and religious groups offer opportunities to get together with others meditating. The Tibetan Buddhist Temple in Ithaca opens their doors to the public weekly for meditation with monks chanting and silent meditation. Our local Hospice offers Zen Meditation to the public.

A quiet moment on the Ganges in Varanasi India

#3 Where ever it is usually quiet

Libraries, nursing rooms, unused meeting rooms, study rooms, prayer rooms…I’m sure you have a quiet room near you that you never realized may be perfect for meditating at some point during your day. In houses of worship. I would walk through Sage Chapel at Cornell on my way to class to be in the quiet, sacred space. I often saw people sitting quietly in the pews with their eyes closed, looking peaceful. In a parked car. You’ve slept in your car before, right? You can sit in a meditative posture in the backseat and the metal and glass shell will protect you from the noisy world outside so you can dive into the emptiness of your mind for a little while. I bet you can find a quiet corner of a parking lot to relax in. If you are not in an enclosed space and you need to turn the car on to mask sounds with the heat or aircon, go for it. While you are getting acupuncture. You can’t move, right? Perfect. Quiet your mind.

#4 On a beach with the roar of the waves

This is my favorite place to meditate. When I am near a body of water, I go to sleep early and wake up early. If it’s sunny I wear a hat and cover up and sit on a sarong on the sand. If there are bugs I wear bug spray, cover myself and figure out something safe to sit on. If it’s cold, I bring a cushion and wear warm clothes. The world tends to be quiet just before dawn, and being safe in nature when I meditate is a gift I feel all day long.

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