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Doing Pilates in the morning nearly every day since 2003 has made me a stronger, happier person. It’s that simple. The routine below can become as easy to complete as brushing your teeth. It’s a morning ritual with massive benefits that only takes about 15 minutes. It feels so good to check exercising off of your list first thing.

Pilates can be done on a yoga mat or folded hotel blanket or towel or sarong on the beach sand. I’ve done pilates right in bed when I travel and the floor is not that exciting to get close to.

You can do Pilates on the floor of the airport in an empty corner. I do Pilates underneath my toddler’s high chair while he eats breakfast. That’s the beauty.

You can do Pilates on your own anywhere once you understand the fundamentals and have a routine.

Core: area of torso between lower ribs and hips – your powerhouse

Pilates scoop: draw your abdominal wall in and up toward the front of your spine. Like you’re tightening a corset of your own muscles in your core

Feeling the scoop and breathing: lay on your back comfortably and exhale out of your mouth. Inhale deeply through your nose and notice your belly and lungs expanding. Exhale out of your mouth and this time focus on your core. As you inhale, try to engage that core so your belly is actually getting smaller and your ribcage and lungs are getting bigger, like an hourglass.

Focus on your core while remaining aware of your whole body. Pause internal dialog. Practice flowing, controlled movement.

Here’s the routine that has made such a difference in my life: 

Video coming soon! 

Waking up the core:

  • Cat stretch and child’s pose with arms extended
  • Crunches
  • The hundred
  • The roll up

Abdominal stretch in between

Back strengthening (to balance the work you are doing on your core):

  • Back crunches
  • Superman
  • The swan


  • T-stand on both sides (supporting arm straight or elbow bent on floor)
  • Single bent leg plank
  • Plank


Final fun series:

  • Double leg tummy tuck with sky above
  • Single leg stretch
  • Crisscross
  • Extended leg circles

Abdominal stretch

Push ups

Then move forward powerfully into whatever comes your way.

Some benefits of Pilates: breathing, releasing tension while engaging the core, stress relief, strengthening, awareness of your body, get blood flowing, lifetime benefits, adaptable to all fitness levels, easy to make into a habit and do where ever you go, difficult to hurt yourself, injury prevention due to concentration and awareness, absolutely free

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