Short Choreo Belly Dance Duets to Live Music

This has been a much loved belly dance class at Pennsic War, where we improvise around fire to live music every night!

5 Ways to Dance Better With Others:

  1. Face, stack, or mirror (avoid standing back-to-back or side-by-side)
  2. Repeat moves 4+ times in a row. Vary speed, circumference and level.
  3. Let another dancer move you. Follow their lead.
  4. Connect with your eyes. See the beauty in the other dancer. Swim in it.
  5. Pause and undulate or pose

Some moves are naturally easier to match with others.

  1. Up and over hips and down mayas
  2. Front middle back middle
  3. Hip slides and chest slides
  4. Shoulder shimmies are easier to match than hip shimmies
  5. Big moon outline and together in center arms are really easy to match
  6. Crescent side, crescent side, full circle makes circles match up
    1. Circling movements like hip circles and chest circles are harder to match unless everyone starts at the same point and keeps the same tempo
  7. Accents and circles are the hardest


Paddy Cake hands with hips and level changes in circles and crescents

Up and over hips and down mayas

Front middle back middle

Hip slides and chest slides

Hip crescent side, crescent side, full circle


Direct mirror and open mirror


Switch leaders: Person in front turn back, walk behind other person, flip face front

Goddess stacking


Conversation – person moving forward moves arms and leads lower body movement, person moving back poses arms and mirrors lower body movement.


Philips Double Cross from Jill Parker

Rt cross front-back-front, Lt cross Rt step out, 3 step turn, hip drop and up


Turn (Arabic Half Pass)

Rt foot step front (mid) back (mid) , step around, back (mid)

Step toward each other with right foot, step away from each other with right foot

¼ turn and pass on right shoulder, ¼ turn to face each other

Variation: Pause steps and undulate shoulder to shoulder


Drunken Sailor (with two-hand headache)

Front, behind, sweep, side


Watch on youtube:

7 Belly Dance Duet Tips and Choreography You Can Use (Pennsic 2017 lesson)

Kassar Tribal Improv (Melanie Wood – usually vends at Pennsic)

Raquy and the Cavemen with Zafira (Maria Hamer teaches at Pennsic)