What you Need Start Making Your Own Videos and Podcasts on the Cheap

There is only one person in the world who can create the content you are about to create: You. Get your equipment and content creation process set up so your creativity can flow and people can find what you have to offer. Video camera (Smartphone)

  • iPhones have video inside the camera app
  • I also bought a $250 underwater video camera with an articulating screen so I could film myself in all kinds of weather. Olympus Stylus Tough. I think they stopped making it. It went out of focus often, but made decent video.

**Always take a still photo that you can use as an engaging thumbnail for your video ***Always have extra charged batteries with you and charge equipment right before you shoot Digital recorder

  • iPhones have the voice memos app for audio recording
  • If you’re already using your iphone for video buy a cheap digital voice recorder to plug your lav mic into

Lav mic

  • aka: mic that is close to your mouth but not necessarily visible. A headset is more visible
  • These can be expensive, especially when cordless
  • I use this $12 flesh colored lav mic with cord. Tuck your recorder into your pocket


  • Get it from a thrift store or borrow one. These are not high-tech, so old ones work fine

Smartphone mount (for tripod)

The sound recorded on a video camera without and external mic can be distorted, echoey, and full of sounds that are unrelated to your video. Record the audio with a lav mic and pair it with the video.

  1. Trim the video with quicktime player (comes on a Mac)
  2. Using Audacity (free software), crop the audio file to start and end exactly with the video. Adjust sound levels as needed.
  3. Drop the audio file into the trimmed video in quicktime, record the new version

Leverage Your Next Presentation

  1. If appropriate, ask for permission to use your own recording of your voice before the event
  2. Ask an audience member in the front row if they would be willing to take a couple photos of you presenting and share them with you afterwards or figure out how to take a selfie from stage. You want an image with your post.
  3. Put a lav mic on before presenting
  4. Press “record” in the memo app on your smartphone just before you start and stop recording after you answer questions. Some people leave the mic on when meeting with audience members because their questions may be helpful to others
  5. Offer the audience a surprise free gift for signing up on your website and then they will be notified when the audio recording and transcription are released
  6. Edit the audio recording in audacity
  7. Have it transcribed
  8. Post the audio and transcription on your website so you can attract visitors
  9. Consider including that content in a package, podcast, book, or something else in the future
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